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Online Reputation Management for Doctors

Amplify Your Reputation. Treat New Patients. Grow Your Practice.

HOW eMerit WORKS: In 3 Steps

Control Your Online Reputation

Know What Patients Are Saying

eMerit’s near real-time monitoring and alerts system keeps a finger on the pulse of your patients’ feedback across 25+ online review sites. Your online reputation in plain view – don’t get blindsided again.

reputation management for doctors

Manage Negative Reviews

It’s inevitable. Bad reviews happen. You can’t make everyone happy.

eMerit’s near real-time alerts give you the tools to address patient concerns before they escalate into conflict. Naturally, eMerit signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements to enable substantive collaboration. Our deep understanding of HIPAA keeps you firmly out of the crosshairs.

Be Found Everywhere

With eMerit, reviews collected at point-of-service automatically post on page-one review sites and are indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for higher search result rankings for your name, specialty and what you do.

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Dominate Google Page One

Be the compelling choice for patients. Patients’ perception of quality of care is defined by what they find on Google. Gathering a “critical mass” of patient feedback to be uploaded allows high-performing doctors and practices to stand out from the competition.

See How You Stack Up

Find out where you fit amongst your competitors. Let us “map” your online reputation.


Increase new patient volume. Increase new patient revenue.

Case Studies

How eMerit Doctors Leverage Online Reviews


Watch Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith's testimony here!

What matters to my practice – how eMerit delivers:

  • The speed, volume and consistency of patient feedback ensures our high standards for quality are met and exceeded
  • New physician hires are busy from day 1

[ Read the full case study ]


Watch Dr. Joseph Stern's testimony here!

What matters to my practice – how eMerit delivers:

  • Expand patient catchment area beyond local – increased new patient volume and revenue
  • Focus on 1st opinion cases. After we’ve met, I invite patients to look me up online and read about my practice

[ Read the full case study ]

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Watch Dr. Eric Joseph's testimony here!

What matters to my practice – how eMerit delivers:

  • A fair, representational online narrative defined by 100s of mostly happy patients
  • Provide patients an easy and anonymous tool for constructive feedback

[ Read the full case study ]

Facts & Figures

Random Chance Can Mislabel You “Jack the Ripper”.

No doctor can please every patient. But, if you’re doing great work, it should be reflected online. Often, it’s not and your happy patients are unwittingly silent.

What if you just let nature take its course, and you were defined by only a scant few, even when you see hundreds, if not thousands, of patients each year?

To demonstrate, evaluate your chances of being mislabeled using our online calculator!

good reputation management for doctors

Higher Online Quality = Increased Revenue

64% of patients are willing to pay more to see doctors who have higher quality ratings.

When weighing healthcare Cost and Quality, patients say quality is more important.

Patients Search Predictably

Search is king. 86% of health search traffic originated from a search engine. A doctor’s ability to rank prominently for targeted search terms in their1 city determines success in generating new patients and keeping current patients coming back.

Big Data or Big Insight?

eMerit helps doctors cut through the clutter of big data to give your practice the critical insights it needs to survive and thrive.

It’s time to take control.

Your online reputation is your business. We can help.


Map Your Online Reviews

This report will put them all in one place.

Before you can take action to improve your online reputation, you need to know how you’re doing. This custom report will show you every patient review we can find and compile them into one easy-to-read audit.

[Request Your Medical Identity Map]

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