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Are patient reviews reliable? Most doctors fear reviews paint a false picture online…but in fact, when a doctor has enough reviews, patients paint a more reliable picture than one would think. It called crowdsourcing- there are extremes on each side of the spectrum but when you average everything out, you find they come to the right answer.Video Transcript
“The public is not being paid to give this information out. The public is freely giving it and consequently, it’s credible. I can think of a hundred sites where people have spontaneously given information and not all of the information is reliable or credible, but once you start getting a critical mass of information, it turns out that it’s pretty reliable.So there’s a story that’s told of measuring the weight of a cow. They determined, whoever was doing this experiment determined, that if you have enough people, maybe 500, maybe 1000, you ask people to guess how much does this cow weigh? When you add all them together and average it, you find you get a pretty close answer.So what does this mean? This is the wisdom of the crowd, the wisdom of the masses. So any one individual may not be able to give you the best information as to what’s going on, but once you start collecting large amounts of data from many different people, the extremes start to smooth out and you’re getting a more accurate representation of what you’re looking for.”

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