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What does Raisin Bran have in common with glaucoma treatment? 

Ever bought a box of Raisin Bran, only to learn your box has just 12 raisins? And you rightly assumed YOUR box should have had two scoops, just like the advertisement promises. Kellogg’s says “Each box contains approximately the same percentage by weight of raisins and flakes.” OK, so two scoops may be hyperbole. Still, I never thought about joining a class [...]

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The Cost of Anesthesia and Ketchup

Last year my wife and I went to Iceland for a spring visit. On our last night, we wanted to get a bite to eat. The only restaurant open so late was the hotel’s. We were already used to exorbitant prices for eating out in Iceland. So, when we ordered french fries and salad (limited late night menu), we [...]

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Online Platform Legal Immunity and Human Trafficking

Since 1996, online platforms have been mostly immune from tort liability for content posted on their sites. If you had a beef with the content, your sole remedy was/is to file an action against the person who posted the content. Not easy to do. The platforms are immune because of a provision called Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. [...]

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The Voyager Spacecrafts and Hurricane Harvey – Humanity at Its Best

I’m from Houston. I do not live there now. But, I grew up there. My entire extended family lives there. I went to medical school and did my residency there. I have many friends and colleagues who live and work in Houston. As I write this, Hurricane Harvey and the flooding aftermath are still wreaking havoc. Property has been damaged [...]

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One Person Who Should Have Kept His Apple 

How many people founded Apple?  If you’re like me, you confidently answered two. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In 1996.  But, there was a third founder.   Ronald Wayne.   He worked with Steve Jobs previously at Atari. He received a 10% equity stake for designing the original Apple logo, writing the Apple I manual, drafting the original partnership agreement, and the [...]

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