One Person Who Should Have Kept His Apple 

How many people founded Apple?  If you’re like me, you confidently answered two. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In 1996.  But, there was a third founder.   Ronald Wayne.   He worked with Steve Jobs previously at Atari. He received a 10% equity stake for designing the original Apple logo, writing the Apple I manual, drafting the original partnership agreement, and the [...]

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Internet Trolls – A Nocturnal Beast

If you have an online presence, and the public has access to comment about you or your business, sooner or later, you’ll get beaten up. The technical word for this is trolling. An inappropriate, egregious, or personal attack. Trolling is more a matter of tone than substance. Trolling is ubiquitous. A recent study from computer scientists at Stanford and Cornell [...]

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Can Patients Sign Forms Allowing You to Respond in Detail to Negative Reviews Down the Road?

Most industries have the benefit of being able to respond fully to negative online reviews. They can dive into the dirty details and set the record straight. Whether or not that makes good PR sense is a business decision. A restaurant can respond that a patron was rude with the staff, inebriated, and unable to control his alcohol. A [...]

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A Cheerleader, an Arrest, a Lawsuit, and Barbara Streisand

In the online world, there’s a phenomenon known as the Streisand effect. It has nothing to do with her voice, lovely as it is. Wikipedia said it best: It is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. [...]

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Freckles and Lawsuits

Virtually every physician knows that patient privacy is sacred. One needs a patient’s affirmative consent to disclose what is known as protected health information. This is covered by state and federal (HIPAA) privacy laws. If a doctor posts the medical record, that is disclosure of protected health information. If a doctor acknowledges a particular patient is indeed a patient [...]

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