Texting and HIPAA

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I received a text this morning reminding me of a dental appointment in two weeks. I appreciate the reminder. Still, I don’t remember ever providing authorization to text me. For many items related to my healthcare, I certainly prefer a quick text (or email) over the secure platforms that require signing up for an account […]

Your Practice Have a Website? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

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Of course your practice has a website. Maybe it’s old. Maybe it’s being updated. But, the following lessons apply to almost anyone and everyone in healthcare.

In no particular order, here are some tips:

  • Make sure YOU own your content.I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard from a doctor who had an untoward […]

The Woes of Free Email

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Earlier this week, we received a question from a physician member regarding using a free email account for his practice. The doctor’s question was “Is it OK to list a free email on the website as a point of contact, or should I use a domain email?” By “free email account”, he meant something like […]

Would You Hire A Hacker?

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We are at war with keyboards and mice. Servers and personal computers. Smartphones and iDevices.Make no mistake, everyday people are all at war. Not with guns or bombs, but with keyboards and mice. Servers and personal computers. Smartphones and iDevices. And when it’s practically impossible to go […]