When Your Competitors Will Not Cross Cover for You

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A neurosurgeon based in a large metro area in California used to be part of a large group. For a variety of reasons, he’s in solo practice now. He’s still busy. Doctors refer to him. Patients seek him out. He has a strong online presence. And he’s escaped petty intra-group politics.

One problem, though.

He occasionally needs […]

Medicolegal Issues in Dealing with Aging Physicians

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We continue with our series of general educational articles penned by one attorney, an MD, JD, giving you a view of the world through a malpractice plaintiff attorney’s eyes. This attorney is a seasoned veteran.  The series includes a number of pearls on how to stay out of harm’s way. While I do not necessarily […]

How Language in an Operating Report Can Lead to a Trip to the Courtroom.

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Sometimes, the specific language in an op-report can lead to misunderstanding and litigation.

I’m not talking about using words like “suddenly” or “to my unexpected surprise” in the document. I’m talking about how you label anatomic structures.

Surgeons start with a clinical diagnosis. This diagnosis is often reinforced or guided by an imaging study. Then, the imaging […]

Preparing for a Rotten Day – or Year – at Peer Review

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Guest Post by Dr. Michael Rosenblatt

For many doctors, they will experience peer review as a benign process. Cases are presented. Lessons learned. The beat goes on.

Some “unlucky” physicians experience a different reality. Over the years we have been “trained” to try to avoid malpractice suits. But “peer review emergencies” are no less dangerous because they […]

Paid Reviews Cost Companies $175,000 Enforcement Action

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Two companies have settled with the New York Attorney General’s Office after being accused of paying consumers for positive reviews by agreeing to increase their transparency and pay a total of $175,000.

MedRite Care, LLC, a medical emergency care service, paid thousands of dollars to Internet advertising companies and freelance writers over a two-year period for […]

How to Keep Lawyers from Circling Your Practice: Lessons for New Doctors

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I am frequently invited to speak to medical students and residents. I’m often the first person to introduce them to the wonderful world of medico-legal headaches.

It’s a topic they typically don’t think about while they’re studying and training.


It’s hard enough learning the Kreb’s cycle, the anatomy of the brachial plexus, and how to dissect tissue, […]

Law Firm Sues Nursing Student for Bad Online Review – And Loses to the Tune of $27,000

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Here’s Exhibit A for why it’s generally a bad idea to sue someone for an online review.

“They need to think before they post. She needs to learn — people need to learn that there are consequences for their actions.”  Attorney Keith Nguyen shared this statement with a reporter when asked if he felt guilty about […]