Internet Trolls – A Nocturnal Beast

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If you have an online presence, and the public has access to comment about you or your business, sooner or later, you’ll get beaten up. The technical word for this is trolling. An inappropriate, egregious, or personal attack. Trolling is more a matter of tone than substance.


Beware of Responding to Online Reviews – Diffusing HIPAA Landmines – Part I

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Maintaining compliance with HIPAA, TCPA, the FTC, and the host of other regulatory boards is complicated. An inadvertent error can result in massive fines, but there is much to be gained from a smart online strategy if you avoid the minefield of potential violations. For the next five weeks, we’re breaking down five marketing landmines that […]

What NOT to do…

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A Texas physician who performs aesthetic treatments recently agreed to disciplinary action by the Board of Medicine. In 2015, a patient underwent a series of non-invasive laser treatments with Dr. Tinuade Olugesugun-Gbadeham. Around May 27, 2015, the patient made a video testimonial on the results of these procedures. The patient gave consent to have photos […]

Political Correctness Over-reach in the Exam Room

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A general surgeon in Florida evaluated a patient for hernia repair. The patient confided he was HIV positive. The surgeon asked about the patient’s medication regimen. The patient explained that on the medication his viral titers were non-detectable.

The surgeon stated that that was good for both of them. For the patient, of course. And for […]

When Your Competitors Will Not Cross Cover for You

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A neurosurgeon based in a large metro area in California used to be part of a large group. For a variety of reasons, he’s in solo practice now. He’s still busy. Doctors refer to him. Patients seek him out. He has a strong online presence. And he’s escaped petty intra-group politics.

One problem, though.

He occasionally needs […]

Paid Reviews Cost Companies $175,000 Enforcement Action

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Two companies have settled with the New York Attorney General’s Office after being accused of paying consumers for positive reviews by agreeing to increase their transparency and pay a total of $175,000.

MedRite Care, LLC, a medical emergency care service, paid thousands of dollars to Internet advertising companies and freelance writers over a two-year period for […]

How to Keep Lawyers from Circling Your Practice: Lessons for New Doctors

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I am frequently invited to speak to medical students and residents. I’m often the first person to introduce them to the wonderful world of medico-legal headaches.

It’s a topic they typically don’t think about while they’re studying and training.


It’s hard enough learning the Kreb’s cycle, the anatomy of the brachial plexus, and how to dissect tissue, […]

Law Firm Sues Nursing Student for Bad Online Review – And Loses to the Tune of $27,000

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Here’s Exhibit A for why it’s generally a bad idea to sue someone for an online review.

“They need to think before they post. She needs to learn — people need to learn that there are consequences for their actions.”  Attorney Keith Nguyen shared this statement with a reporter when asked if he felt guilty about […]