Political Correctness Over-reach in the Exam Room

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A general surgeon in Florida evaluated a patient for hernia repair. The patient confided he was HIV positive. The surgeon asked about the patient’s medication regimen. The patient explained that on the medication his viral titers were non-detectable.

The surgeon stated that that was good for both of them. For the patient, of course. And for […]

How to Keep Lawyers from Circling Your Practice: Lessons for New Doctors

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I am frequently invited to speak to medical students and residents. I’m often the first person to introduce them to the wonderful world of medico-legal headaches.

It’s a topic they typically don’t think about while they’re studying and training.


It’s hard enough learning the Kreb’s cycle, the anatomy of the brachial plexus, and how to dissect tissue, […]

Texting and HIPAA

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I received a text this morning reminding me of a dental appointment in two weeks. I appreciate the reminder. Still, I don’t remember ever providing authorization to text me. For many items related to my healthcare, I certainly prefer a quick text (or email) over the secure platforms that require signing up for an account […]

Your Practice Have a Website? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

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Of course your practice has a website. Maybe it’s old. Maybe it’s being updated. But, the following lessons apply to almost anyone and everyone in healthcare.

In no particular order, here are some tips:

  • Make sure YOU own your content.I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard from a doctor who had an untoward […]

The SEO Black Box

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We get questions about SEO fairly often. Generally related to the “value” of SEO. And, frankly, to most people, it’s a “black box” – they put money in, and they – ideally – get more money out, but they have no idea what happens in between or why it’s a favorable marketing strategy.


But before we […]

Why Should I Trust You?

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“Do they trust me enough to believe my promises?”Seth Godin

What does it really mean to elicit trust from doctor?

Trust is about the most overused word in the English language. That word gets tossed around, just as much as dough at your local pizzeria (assuming the […]