Specific questions deserve certain answers.

Unfavorable reviews are a fact of life. But they hardly mean the end of it. If you’ve recently received an unfavorable review, tell us where it is, and we’ll diagnose its effects together and prescribe a plan of action. Posting positive feedback can be an exercise in patience – most patients take to the Internet only when they’ve got an axe to grind. But most doctors enjoy great relationships with their patients. Reversing a negative is simply a matter of putting that positive feedback online.

A negative review is like scab. Pick at it, and you’ll only make it worse. Worst case scenario, all the clicking and attention and traffic you give it pushes the review higher and higher until patients can’t help but see it. So don’t pick at it. Disinfect it with a wash of positive reviews.

Our point-of-service survey tool can help open the floodgates.

Perhaps your practice is already taking steps to collect and post patient reviews, but you’re just not seeing the results you want. We’ll help you figure what works, what doesn’t, and why.

But they’re find a competing practice no problem? Thousands of doctors leverage patient reviews to grow their practice. Not everyone sees immediate success. We’ll conduct a complimentary competitive analysis and provide a non-biased comparison of your patient reviews versus theirs.

You’re among friends. There are lots of hurdles to navigate, and finding the starting line isn’t easy. You’re not a coffee shop, first and foremost. You’re likely a doctor with a practice to think about, a family to feed, or a practice manager with those same responsibilities, and probably a dozen more. But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think patient reviews mattered.

If this is a new space for you, tell us. Our consultants with leave you empowered and informed.

Great. We like new challenges. Contact us when you’re ready. We’ll do our best to help you arrive at a solution together.