“Strychnine is a grand tonic, Kemp, to take the flabbiness out of a man.”
― H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man

In part 1 we characterized and suggested solutions for Bankruptcy stage. But what if you Google your name and get Nada. You see nothing! Seems like an OK spot, right?…Out of sight, out of mind and nothing bad about me? This means you’re INVISIBLE.

Again you’re a doctor – in the fast lane.Being invisible means patients are finding you more by chance than by choice. Don’t believe me? Ask your patients how they found you. The answer will likely be three things; (1) Friends and Family, and (2) Referring Doctors. The first one has a limited potential; great at first, but patients only have so many friends and limited family to go around. Referrals…how well do you know the referring physicians? Their names, their practice, the last time you had a lunch with them? To work this properly requires time and cultivation.

Guess what the third source of new patients is? Strangers! That’s right, study after study shows online reviews are THE go-to source patients use to validate their decision to see you. Even after a sturdy push from Friends/Family and Referring Doctors, patients still use the Internet to validate that recommendation. And let’s be honest about that dynamic if you’re invisible online. If a patient Googles you (or specialty), doesn’t find anything, then how does Google answer the query? Correct. Your invisibility is a patient “buffet” for your competitors. Patients can’t see you.

The GOOD NEWS… you just merged over into the fast lane, plenty of fuel, roads clear ahead, and the only thing required of you now is firmly pressing on the accelerator. Time to take action! Go for it.