eMerit Case Study: Facial Plastic Surgeon

Hi, I’m Eric M. Joseph, MD, a dual-board-certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon in West Orange, NJ.

Before eMerit:

My practice had a small footprint in a highly competitive arena. Happy patients promised to post online but very often didn’t. A small number of patients fully controlled my online presence.

After eMerit:

My practice draws patients nationally and internationally. Online presence is my dominant marketing program, which I manage with precision with tools like eMerit. Patients reviews are a blessing.

Biggest Challenge Now:

Do I expand my practice via more locations and/or hiring new associate(s)?

“How I Leverage Patient Reviews”

How New Patients Find Me

Online Quality Indicator

Patient Reviews Posted Online


And Counting…

Chance of Being Mislabeled
“Jack the Ripper” Online

What matters to my practice – how eMerit delivers:

  • A fair, representational online narrative defined by 100s of mostly happy patients

  • Provide patients an easy and anonymous tool for constructive feedback

  • Enable Internet searches to identify me ahead of my competitors using exceptional patients reviews to drive new patient appointments

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