eMerit Case Study: Neurosurgeon

Hi, I’m Joseph Stern, MD at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates.

Before eMerit:

Skeptical of online patient reviews. Satisfied patients didn’t take time to post reviews. Fair number of patients saw me for a second opinion only.

After eMerit:

Personally rewarding to use a platform enabling patients to post feedback while in my office. I’ve received several Top Doctor awards. Significant increase in 1st opinion cases; consistently full OR schedule.

Biggest Challenge Now:

Preventing “competitors” from catching on to eMerit.

“How I Leverage Patient Reviews”

Of New Patients Referred by Friends & Family…

… 60% validated decision via online search before scheduling visit.

Online Quality Indicator

Patient Reviews Posted Online


And Counting…

Chance of Being Mislabeled
“Jack the Ripper” Online

What matters to my practice – how eMerit delivers:

  • Expand patient catchment area beyond local; increased new patient volume / revenue

  • Focus on 1st opinion cases. After we’ve met, I invite patients to look me up online and read about my practice.

  • An easy-to-use system affirming my practice consistently delivers high quality of care

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