eMerit Case Study: Ob-Gyn Group

Hi, I’m Susan Hardwick-Smith, MD, Medical Director for Complete Women’s Care Center in Houston, TX.

Before eMerit:

Solo Practitioner in a new city, literally marketing door-to-door to other physicians for new patients. The Internet was an afterthought.

After eMerit:

Prosperous practice with 12 practitioners and 75 supporting staff. 6,000+ patient reviews online. “It’s the best marketing decision I’ve ever made.”

Biggest Challenge Now:

Parking lot may be too small.

“How I Leverage Patient Reviews”

How New Patients Find Me

Online Quality Indicator

Patient Reviews Posted Online


And Counting…

Chance of Being Mislabeled Online

What matters to my practice – how eMerit delivers:

  • The speed, volume and consistency of patient feedback ensures our high standards for quality are met and exceeded

  • New physician hires are busy from day 1

  • We know how new patients find us; enabling targeted upstream marketing

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