Step 1: Survey patients at your practice.

Your practice is where everything happens.

You diagnose patients at your practice. You administer treatment at your practice. You conduct follow-up visits at your practice.

The moment a patient knows he’s received high quality care – the moment he knows he’s back on his feet – or when she knows she looks ten years younger – or when she knows she and her husband can finally celebrate a healthy conception – those moments happen at your practice.

Consider the advantage of approaching every patient and handing them a survey tool that is professional, powerful, and private.

So what does the eMerit survey tool look like?

Our survey tool takes the shape of any Internet-enabled device at your practice – tablet devices work great. Our members survey patients on their own time and when they trust it’s the right time to ask for feedback. The practice decides who is surveyed, when, and how often.

It’s as simple as handing a patient an iPad and asking them to answer a few questions.

And best of all, patients don’t need to create accounts or surrender email addresses for eMerit to post their reviews to top-doctor review sites.

All we do need is the patient’s permission.

Take our survey for a test drive…

Take the survey that’s helped over 200,000 patients share their experiences online privately, professionally, and HIPAA compliantly.

Complete the form below to request your special survey access code. We’ll connect you to a demonstration of our survey tool so you can see what patients see.