A high-performing doctor/practice can be distinguished online by proactively asking his/her patients for feedback. If you have a great patient safety record, positive clinical outcomes, and great “customer service”, your online reputation should mirror your actual reputation.

Leverage the Internet by considering the following:

  • Gathering reviews in your office, Point-of-Service, is dramatically more effective than relying on email to patients with links to review sites. Once a happy patient has left your office, out of sight is out of mind.
  • Uploading reviews to 10 major medical rating sites targeting 30+ reviews per site is ideal. This appears to be the threshold for patient action.
  • Monitor what’s being said about you on the Internet to mitigate risk and de-escalate problems.
  • Make sure the review sites are relevant so Google can find them – and you!
  • Learn from the data you collect from your patients and resolve any underlying issues ASAP.
  • Google yourself frequently! Nothing like a self-exam to make certain you know what patients see. Type in “Dr. First Last Reviews” How does it look??

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