Our mission is simple. Architect and realize an ecosystem where both doctors and patients thrive.

We want to help patients find the best doctors. We want to help the best doctors be found.

eMerit® does this by providing a blueprint along with the necessary tools to foster an environment where patients can comfortably provide constructive feedback, and doctors can respond. We also help deputize patients to tell the world about the doctor’s quality of care through a myriad of online sites. eMerit fully embraces the social media revolution shaping the health care industry, and is dedicated to helping both doctors and patients safely and efficiently navigate the constantly changing internet landscape – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. We viscerally understand the key issues and regulations involved in creating a productive doctor-patient ecosystem. In fact, full scale medico-legal protection is how we got started. eMerit is the culmination of more than a decade of expertise in medicine, law, and social media.

In 2002 Jeffrey Segal, MD, JD launched Medical Justice® as the strongest possible advocate for doctors in medico-legal matters, fiercely protecting their member’s most valuable professional assets: their practices and reputations. With social media quickly weaving itself into our everyday lives, Dr. Segal realized a developing link with Medical Justice’s charter, and expanded its risk mitigation mission to effect a positive change in doctor-patient relationships. Surprising results from a Medical Justice study indicated that patient feedback may be markers for proxies of the quality of care1. Shortly thereafter, eMerit® was born.

But at the moment we are just scratching the surface, and what we see ahead is exciting.

We see social media as something for doctors to embrace, not to avoid. Certainly there is risk, and doctors need to manage it carefully. We also see great reward – for doctors and patients alike. Like helping doctors build a more complete professional picture of their ability to deliver quality care through diverse, verified reviews. The increasing dialogue around patient reviews confirms our belief, that is, by listening to patient feedback doctors can dramatically impact patient perception, leading to improved new patient volume and revenue. This obviously improves the doctor’s business model, and, in parallel, patients should experience elevated care. At eMerit we want to help doctors and patients unlock this virtuous cycle of communication through authentic, multi-faceted connections.

We are eMerit®. Visit our homepage to learn how eMerit helps doctors manage their online reputations.


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