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For most doctors who see one to three thousand patients a year, a negative review is inevitable.  How one responds to this negative online review is what separates great doctors from the inexperienced.  In this short video, Founder and CEO, Jeff Segal, MD, JD, FACS offers simple but critical advice.

Video Transcript:

“When you get a negative review from a patient, if you know who the patient is, reach out to the patient. See if you can solve his or her problem. If you don’t know who the patient is, and typically you will not know who the patient is, try to respond in a HIPAA compliant way online. When I say respond, I mean one and done. You get your side of the story out and that’s it. You don’t get into a debate with the patient going back and forth.The problem with going back and forth is that you’ll never win that debate. What will happen is that the patient will double down and frequently other will jump in to help with this poor patient. So your best diplomatic step is to try and get your side of the story out, don’t make the patient the victim and if you know who the patient is, reach out to the patient directly. But don’t spend a lot of time putting gasoline into a fire. Your audience is not the patient at this point, your audience is the public at large. And you want to be seen as someone who solves problems, not as someone who is argumentative and difficult and creates more problems than you solve.”

Are you reaching out to patients posting negative reviews?  If not, what is your biggest barrier?