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Leveraging Patient Reviews with eMerit

Step 3: Collect. Post. Prosper!

So long as you survey your patients regularly, we’ll have a dedicated stream of new content to post to top doctor review sites. Over time, the reviews you collect bolster your online reputation to new heights. New patients like what they see online, and returning patients are more likely to trust their friends, neighbors, and family members to your care.

We’ve helped hundreds of doctors post thousands of patient reviews online.

Here is a small sample of some of our most successful members…

“eMerit has been the single best marketing decision that we’ve made, without question. We started two years ago and it’s taken off like a storm.”

“You get less stressed out by the occasional discontented apple…because there’s a continual stream of your own actual patients [from the point-of-service] that keep populating the [review] sites and that, I think, is priceless.”

“[The benefit] hit home when I had a patient come in the other day from 3 hours away…she came to me because she said she found me online and thought I had a good reputation.”

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