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In our last video we shared three reasons to never post fake reviews. Today we will go into more detail about why this is important. But if you don’t have time to watch the video, remember this important message – don’t pay for or post fake reviews as original content. It will not pay in the long run.

Video Transcript:

“Astroturfing is a violation of some, if not all, of the site terms of use. They want original authentic content and if you are paying a third party to create inauthentic or unauthentic content, well that’s a violation of the terms of use.

So the point is, why would it even matter. I mean, who will ever figure it out. Well, it turns out, some of the sites, in terms of trying to maintain the fidelity of their system have actually taken the trouble to sue the people that have been posting content and then get them to roll over and figure out who paid them to post the content.

So, I’m not suggesting you will be on the receiving end of this, but there are certainly stories of people who have paid for reviews and been on the receiving end of not only a lawsuit from the site, but also on the receiving end of an investigation from the attorney general.

Oh, and finally, just so you know, the Federal Trade Commission has a rule which says that if you give anything of value for a review, you have to disclose it. So what do I mean by anything of value. That means money, it means a discount, it could mean flowers, it can mean a gift, it can mean a number of things. So the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, isn’t saying you can’t do it, they are just suggesting you need to disclose it.

Now imagine what that review looks like with this disclosure. “Dr. Segal was a great doctor, he really saved my life (I was paid $25 to give this review).” I just diluted the value of the review with this disclosure and that’s precisely why the Federal Trade Commission wants people to disclose. They don’t people to pay for reviews and if you do pay for a review, they want the public to be aware of it so they can make an informed decision.

Bottomline, don’t pay for reviews and use original content.”

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