Elite Yelpers write lots of reviews. I don’t want to tar all Elite Yelpers with the same brush. I’m sure some, perhaps many, are wonderful human beings. But, based on feedback from select surgeons who have encountered Elite Yelpers, here are some of their observations.
They play by their own rules. They let businesses know that they are Elite Yelpers and have the power to crush their business. Roll out the red carpet. If they’re unhappy, they’ll go online and spread bile. ALL CAPS.


No civility.


One plastic surgeon summarized a recent visit by an Elite Yelper. The patient introduced herself as an Elite Yelper. Then she said, ”What can you do for me?” The subtext was roll out the red carpet or else you will pay and pay dearly.


The surgeon had to decide whether it was better to accommodate this patient and hope for the best; or terminate the relationship before they marched forward together into the unknown.


A long-standing surgical adage goes: ”Once you cut the patient, you’ve bought them.”


A mentor of mine said before doing elective surgery, consider that the patient may develop a wound infection. Then decide whether you can live with seeing that patient for dressing changes over 6 months. Will you cringe when you see the list of patients scheduled for post-op follow-up?


The doctor-patient relationship is collaborative.


Patients have to do their part. Pre-op care. Post-op care. Having reasonable expectations.
Doctors have to do their part. It’s part of the job description.


But, no doctor likes being squeezed with special demands just because a patient has the perceived power to toy with a doctor’s hard earned reputation.


Oh, you’re probably waiting for what Yelp and Donald Trump have in common.
You can fill in the blanks. Feel free to insert your comments, whether they are politically correct or not.

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